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  • ORL
    ORL Orientation luminaire

    These luminaires offer more than just a guiding light to find your way around. Mounted at the usual installation heigth for a wall luminiare, the LED used creates a striking atmosphere in the night-time environment.
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  • WPL
    WPL Wall / Bollard Luminaire

    "WPL" represents the dual functionality of these luminaires, which are available as both wall luminaires and bollard luminaires when used with a bollard tube. When mounted on the building, the light from the WPL gives the exterior an attractive appearance, whilst also providing security for the home.
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  • WPL
    PQM OC 595 CRI >90

    Light and colour determine the atmosphere and the well-being of those in the room.
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  • WPL
    PRM OC 1547 | 1247

    The PRM OC panels with optional attachment frames are dimensioned in such a way that the installation areas of most ‘old luminaires’ can be covered completely without having to call in drywallers and painters.

  • WPL
    MDL 68 Surface-mounted

    Thanks to the surface-mounted luminaires of the MD 68 series, a lighting concept can be implemented consistently across a project, even where a recessed installation is not possible.

  • WPL
    Spot Z1100+ | Z2000+ | Z3000+

    Spotlights transform their surroundings into a stage – which is the application they were originally designed for. The possibilities of flexible staging in combination with tracks are used for shop windows showrooms, museums and not least even in residential spaces.


Highest demand for efficiency and quality

The below shown luminaires include exclusively electronic devices (Elektronik) from well known and market leading manufacturers. All used power supplies (Netzgeräte) have a VDE or ENEC test mark.


see for yourself - reference objects

Many customers count on MGL-products. Please have a look on some of our reference projects and assure yourself of our variety and quality of products.


Only one of the numerous advantages we offer you!

Our LED light - free from UV or IR radiation – allows a long service live which is accordingly guaranteed by us. It is optionally controllabe and provides a good colour rendition and high visual comfort at 2700, 3000 or 4000 K.