FRT 1200/ 1500

Moisture-proof luminaire FRT 1200 | 1500

The T-shaped moisture-proof luminaire creates a proportion of indirect light that can be used to illuminate the building ceiling or wall, thanks to the special shape of the diffuser. Often used in less attractive building areas, the FRT counteracts the “cave effect” that these spaces commonly have. Actual safety due to better lighting and the subjective feeling of safety are objectively improved as a result. In addition to this user benefit, the FRT is also appealing to electricians thanks to its easy installation. State-of-the-art SMD LEDs for a long service life, integrated through-wiring, practical connection space and a selection of mounting elements, from fixed to suspended, make this moisture-proof luminaire an easy choice.

order numbers:

MGL 3004, MGL 3005, MGL 3006