MGL downlight refitter


The „MGL Downlight Refitter“ is a „tool“ that  makes the correct renovation of  a lighting system much easier.

The Refitter contains a printed measuring tape that is put against the existing ceiling cut-out of the previous downlight. Thus it can be seen immediatly which one of the downlights of the „DLR“ range is the most energy saving alternative for the corresponding ceiling section.

Once the folder is openend, detailed information about the DLR range, the coulour temperature, light output and compatible MGL drivers, switchable or dimmable, can be found.

On the back page of the Refitter, a table shows the realistic savings potential in comparison with existing downlights, which is very useful for the conversation with the owner.

Not only the light source, but also the complete obsolete downlight, equipped with conventional lamp technology (incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamp) is replaced.

The downlight range DLR offers the appropriate energy saving optimisation for each existing ceiling cut out, ranging from 90 to 260 mm. No rework is required at the ceiling, no relevant operational interruption on site is necessary.

An easy, fast and clean renovation work.

The use of the DRL renovation downlights plus accessories allows energy savings of up to 80% in combination with very attractive amortisation periods.

The photometric data for a professional lighting design are available on our Website as Download.

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