Lighting around the Grounds

A comprehensive lighting concept is not limited to the interior of a building, but also encompasses the exterior of the building, the paths on the premises and the garden. In this catalogue, MGL Licht presents product ranges for lighting around the grounds. In addition to aesthetic aspects – the creation of a ‘night-time look’ for the building and premises – these luminaires also give residents peace of mind and help them feel more secure. Experience has shown that unwanted guests shy away not only from the light itself, but also from illuminated homes and outdoor areas. Thanks to the energy efficiency of the LEDs, electricity costs remain low even when the lighting is in permanent use.

Lighting Around The Grounds

Wall Luminaire

WDL 235

Wall Luminaire

WL 140

Wall / Bollard Luminaire


Bollard Luminaire

PLQ 800 | 1500



Garden Spotlight


Garden Spotlight

SPOT G500 | G1000