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Driver and fuse combination/ Inrush current behaving of drivers

Driver and fuse combination/ Inrush current behaving of drivers

PUSH DIM Function with MGL Drivers

The Pushdim function is a price attractive solution for smaller installations of LED luminaires. However, the following points (please read the pdf-file) have to be taken into account during the installation, in order to avoid subsequent claims or misunderstandings.

PUSH DIM Function on MGL drivers

Drivers MGL0027/ MGL0028 Leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmer MDL68 downlight familiy

The drivers MGL0027 und MGL0028 allow the dimming of MDL68 individual luminaires or groups of luminiares – depending on the size of the downlights – with leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers. Several configurations of dimmer models from different manufacturers were tested in the laboratory. The configurations that allow a troublefree operation are shown on the MGL website

The connection on the primary and secondary side is made according to the wiring diagram printed on the proper driver. Please read the following pdf-file for more information:

Productinfo TRIAC dimming