general information

The following points must be considered during the planning and installation process!

  • All LED luminaires offered on this website are continuously further-developed and adapted to the state of the art in LED technology.  The products presented here are up-to-date with the latest state of technology.
  • The feasibility of special solutions, e.g. a different colour, colour temperature or beam angle must be checked. In case of confirmation, longer delivery times have to be considered.
  • It is assumed that the installation of the luminaires is carried out by an electrician or by qualified and examined personnel.
  • The mounting instructions must be strictly followed. An improper installation or operation will cause the immediate or mid-term destruction of the luminaires and operation devices.
  • All luminaires specified as „switchable” and their drivers cannot be dimmed with usual or already on site installed conventional dimmers. For dimming or colour control purposes, the drivers listed as Accessories have to be used. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • The luminaires are designed for an ambient temperature of 25°C. The installation in extremely warm areas, e.g. saunas or infrared heat chambers will lead to a fast destruction or to a significant reduction of the service life of the luminaires and power supplies. Therefore the installation in such areas is not allowed and not covered by the guarantee.
  • The heat sink on the back of the recessed downlights should not be covered by insulation material like glass wool, styrofoam, foils etc., as an efficient heat dissipation is of essential importance to reach the long service life of LEDs. The dimensions for the installation into recessed ceilings shown on the mounting instructions and data sheets must be followed.
  • The plug connector between the light head and the power supply must not be connected or disconnected under tension. There is the risk that voltage peaks may destroy especially the LED units.
  • The light cone diagrams show for each luminaire the corresponding beam angle and the diameter of the light cone at the given different distances. The lighting values are average values that result from the minimum and maximum value during operation based on the indicated current-feed. They have to be considered as a simple and non-binding assistance tool in individual projects. For an absolutely precise calculation, the available photometric data should be used and mock ups on site should be foreseen.
  • All sales activities are subject exclusively to our General Terms and Conditions which we will be pleased to send you on request.